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How to Eat, Play, and Live in Italian - Poster

w/ "Magic" Verb-Decoder Glasses (included)

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A original, the How to Eat, Play, and Live in Italian Poster is a must have for all beginners who want to start speaking Italian quickly!

Simply start at the top of the poster and move down, choosing one word or phrase from each section to assemble a complete sentence.
If you can say it in English, you can say it in Italian!

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Why Eat, Play, and Live in Italian?

While our popular 100 Most Used Italian Verbs posters and study guides are great for students and people with some knowledge of Italian, we've realized that many of our customers are looking for a quicker, more direct path to speaking in fully-formed, beautiful sentences.

With this poster, you'll learn basic Italian sentence structure (hint: it's the same as in English!) by combining greetings, introductions, actions, objects, and goodbyes. All while learning the essential Italian vocabulary to Eat, Play, and Live in Italian.

What do we mean by Eat, Play, and Live? We mean ordering food and drinks, introducing yourself, stating your wants and preferences, asking questions, shopping, traveling, studying, working and having fun. For many people around the world who are interested in learning Italian to travel and get by in Italy, this is a great place to start!

How it Works

Italian and English both use the same basic sentence structure: Subject-Verb-Object. For example, the English sentence, she goes to the beach translates word for word into Italian as lei va in spiaggia. You can just as easily mix-and-match different subjects, verbs, and objects to say almost anything.

Well, we've taken it a step farther. Our How to Eat, Play, and Live in Italian poster breaks down a typical sentence into 8 sections, with the essential vocabulary you would need to Eat, Play, and Live.. in Italian!

The sections are:
Greetings: Hello, How are you?, etc.
Subjects: I would like, I am, Do you have...?, etc.
Verbs: To eat, to play, to live, etc.
Measure words: A plate of, inside of, too much, etc.
Objects: Fruits, vegetables, coffee, music, school, etc.
Modifiers: Today, tomorrow, with you, already, etc.
Connectors: And, Because, In order to, etc.
Goodbyes: Please, thank you, goodbye, etc.

The best part is, you don't need to memorize any concepts or learn any grammar rules. Just combine the words or phrases from each section as you would in English. If you can say it in English, you can say it in italiano!

As you can see, the possibilities are almost limitless. With little more than the words on this poster, you could carry on a conversation in Italian for hours!

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"The best way to teach yourself a new language fast, from 6 people who've done it"

Size & Specifications

50cm x 70cm, roughly 20" x 28" inches.
Posters are printed on high-quality 170g/m² paper with semi gloss coating. Perfect for framing or mounting directly on a wall.


  • The essential vocabulary you would need to Eat, Play, and Live in Italy.
  • An easy-to-use method for creating thousands of grammatically-correct, fully-formed Italian sentences on a variety of topics.
  • All noun genders are indicated with Il/La.
  • Includes both formal and informal methods for addressing others.
  • English translations.
  • Also great for Italian-speakers interested in learning English.
  • Thoroughly proofread, revised, edited, and approved by native speakers.
  • Beautiful design looks great in any home.

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