How It Works

At, our posters are designed BY students and teachers FOR students and teachers with the goal to include AS MUCH useful information as possible to help you learn.

Whether you're just beginning or if you've been studying a language for years, the hardest part of communicating fluently is always remembering the words you want to say, and recalling them quickly enough to use without taking an awkward pause in the middle of your conversation. This can be especially challenging when languages like Spanish, French, and Italian use a seemingly never-ending series of tenses, verb types, and conjugations.

Our posters are designed to solve this problem. By studying, browsing, and referencing our posters, you'll be speaking fluently in no time. Here's how:

Step 1: Display your poster proudly

Fortunately, our posters are not only full of information, they're also designed to look beautiful in any room. They also make a great conversation starter...

Step 2: Read it often

Waiting for your pizza delivery, drinking your morning coffee, or waiting for the commercials to end in your favorite TV show? Spend a few minutes studying by reading your poster!

Step 3: Reference whenever you can't remember

Can't remember the conjugation for "to have" in Spanish? No hay problema! Our posters are a great reference whether you're doing homework, writing an email, or posting on Facebook!

Step 4: Learn something new every day!

As you progress, you'll naturally move down the poster from the most commonly used verbs to those less commonly used. Challenge yourself to master a new verb each day before leaving the room, and move your way down the poster.