Student and Teacher (and Essential Worker) Outreach

Our posters are designed explicitly for students and teachers, and our goal is to support as many of you as possible to achieve your language learning (and teaching) goals!

To make sure we reach as many students and teachers as possible, we're proud to offer discounts to all enrolled students and teachers in the US and UK.

Update: May, 2020: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extending these discounts to doctors and nurses as well, so that they may provide better care for the non-English speaking communities who have been affected by this crisis. We hope to make this a permanent change.

Update: July, 2020: In addition to doctors and nurses, we realize there are many other professionals who we rely on as a society, especially during this crisis. For this reason we are extending our outreach discounts to all essential workers

To request your discount code, please fill out this form and include a photo that would confirm your position (E.g. a valid student ID card).
*This information is only used to verify your eligibility. We will not share this information with any 3rd parties.




Immigrant and Refugee Outreach

We recognize that learning the local language is especially important for those of us trying to integrate into a foreign country or culture in search of a better life. And we want to help!

We're currently searching for organizations who support the people on these journeys, so that we can donate our products free of charge to those who need them most. If you represent such an organization, please get in touch!

Our goal is to donate 1 poster for every 10 that we sell, and as we grow, we hope to increase that capacity.