Ser/Ésser Conjugation - Conjugate Ser/Ésser in Catalan

Ser/Ésser is a Catalan irregular verb meaning to be. Ser/Ésser appears on the 100 Most Used Catalan Verbs Poster as the #1 most used irregular verb.

Ser/Ésser Conjugation: Present Tense

jo sóc
tu ets
ell/ella és
ns. som
vs. sou
ells/elles són

*Irregular forms in bold.

Ser/Ésser Participi

The participi of Ser/Ésser is estat.

Ser/Ésser Gerundi

The gerundi of Ser/Ésser is sent/essent.

Regular vs. Irregular Verbs

A verb is called a regular verb when its conjugation follows a typical pattern. A verb which does not follow these patterns exactly is called an irregular verb. In Catalan, the 3 regular patterns are for verbs ending in ar, er/re, and ir.

Catalan Regular Verb Conjugation Chart

Catalan Conjugation Chart

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