Fallen Conjugation - Conjugate Fallen in German

Fallen is a German irregular verb meaning to fall. Fallen appears on the 100 Most Used German Verbs Poster as the 13rd most used irregular verb.

Fallen Conjugation: Present Tense

ich falle
du fällst
er/sie/es fällt
wir fallen
ihr fallt
sie fallen

*Irregular forms in bold.

Fallen Present Perfect

The past participle of Fallen is gefallen. The present perfect tense is formed by combining the auxiliary verb sein with the past participle.

Fallen Simple Past

The simple past of Fallen is fiel.

Regular vs. Irregular Verbs

A verb is called a regular verb when its conjugation follows a typical pattern. A verb which does not follow these patterns exactly is called an irregular verb. In German, the 3 regular patterns are for verbs ending in en, eln/ern, and ten.

German Regular Verb Conjugation Chart

German Conjugation Chart

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